Saturday, February 13, 2010

Making Liquids Fun

I am feeling pretty good but am obsessed with finding different ways to drink my food. As I am still on liquids only post-op until next Wednesday, my choices are limited. So far over these last two days I have tickled my taste buds with:
-Campbell’s Tomato with Basil and Oregano soup
-V8 with a splash of hot sauce
-Vanilla milkshake made from skim milk, scoop of frozen yogourt and a dash of vanilla
-Oatbran, watered down with milk (and a spoonful of brown sugar)
-Steamed skim milk with vanilla and splenda
-Fruity protein drink
-Orange juice

But I am bored. I pulled out some frozen broccoli and will make up a big batch of Broccoli soup tonight. It is pureed, so I will just add a bit more broth to water it down. I have pulled out my cookbooks and have on the horizon plans to make pureed soups—Carrot-Ginger, Asparagus, Tomato and Curried Squash. I am finding it hard to get in a lot of protein as the chocolate shakes are turning my stomach just thinking about them again. I hope I’ll be able to finish them up as they cost a lot of money. I was told that a liquid is anything you can get through a straw so am almost ready to blend a KFC chicken breast with broth to liquify it. I also have some unflavoured protein powder so might try adding a bit to a bowl of soup to up the protein.

Which leads me to Valentine’s Day. You know that day of LOVE. After 28 years of marriage to the same dude, I can count maybe one time that Valentine’s Day ever entered his mind. His reply is always, "I don’t need a special day to show you my love because there are so many other days of the year to do so". I think he reads way too many Hallmark cards. Anyway, this morning, knowing full well that I am on liquids, he asks if I would like to go out to a restaurant to eat for Valentine’s Day. Well drink is more like it. Which got me to thinking that wine is a liquid and since the doctor said I could only drink liquids, I guess a glass of the good stuff would be ok. Then I thought—well chocolate can be a liquid if you melt it and put it in one of those fountain things. By then my DH was really getting excited thinking of all the things that can be dipped in liquid chocolate. At that point I had to pull out my list of post-op activities and show him that resuming sexual relations is still two weeks away. That’ll teach him to miss over 25 years of Valentine’s Days.

On the 14th, we will stay at home, sip some Curried Squash soup with a glass of red wine and then lick a bowl of melted chocolate. Sounds like heaven to me! Oh and watch the Olympics. May you get in the Olympic spirit and cheer loudly for the athletes from your country.
PS: So sad about the Georgian Luge athlete. My heart goes out his family and friends.


Girl Bandit said... are being creative. I found making soups up with chicken like chicken and veg or chicken and sweetcorn....really helped with the protein. I could not stand sweet stuff after 2 weeks on the shakes but I am enjoying them now after 2 months for breakfast etc so I am sure you will use them.

I was so sad to read about the death at the Olympics and immediately thought of you....

Have a happy V Day

Gilly said...

I wasn't as creative as you. I stayed pretty simple, as I do even now. I have to say, since my first fill, I've eaten the same thing almost every day! However, I'm pretty happy with my food intake AND my losses thus far.

I'm glad that you're feeling so good that you're up to cooking and creating! I was much better at keeping the sofa warm! You're kind of an amazing woman! Yay you!

THE DASH! said...

lolol... Poor Dh - Hopes were dashed by a sheet of paper.
I hope you had (have) a lovely day though. It's Valentines day here for us right now (Sunday.. 10.30am).. and I won't be getting anything from MOTH.. except a big squashy hug and kisses - that said - he did actually ask if we were exchanging cards (I almost fell over backward that he even asked!!).. to which I said no.. I would rather do it for our 21st anniversary coming up in 10 days. Hope you had fun drinking that wine. Don't get drunk lol!!!

TJ said...

The milky protein shakes do get old pretty quick. I found a brand called Nectar that I really love. They are mixed with water and have more of a juice flavor. I normally mix them with crystal light to change up the flavors. My favorite is Fuzzy Navel protein with peach tea or orange flavored crystal light. I don't use it everyday but mostly on days when I couldn't get all my protein in or after fills when I have to be on liquids. I have also used it after a really hard workout to help with recovery and to avoid getting really hungry afterwards.

Jess said...

You'll have to double check that this is right, but I wanted to remind you that protein powder doesn't dissolve in hot liquids. So if you put it in soup, you have to add it before you heat it.

Band Groupie said...

Love the liquid varieties. Mmmmm first love!

Justine said...

Hi Sandy Lee
Just wanted to say congrats on becoming a bandster! So glad to hear all is ok with you and good luck with the liquids!

Tina said...

Congrats with your surgery. The liquids were sooooo hard for me. Cream of wheat was good. but I got soo tired of sweet stuff by the end even soup seemed too sweet.

Good luck! thanks for stopping by my blog and Happy v-day.

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