Monday, February 1, 2010

Glass of Wine With Meals Recommended

Last night I was reading the book “The LapBand Solution” by Dr. Paul O’Brien who pioneered LapBand surgery in Australia (Melbourne) and is now setting up shop in Dallas, Texas. The place where I am having surgery (Surgical Weight Loss Center) in Mississauga gives us this book for reference so I am now treating it as my Band Bible. He gives tons of good information, rules and examples but does say that lightning will NOT strike you down if you disobey any of the rules. I found a link to part of the book so you can read The 8 Rules that he suggests. 

I wanted to share Rule #5-Avoid Calorie-Containing Liquids (p. 206). I was hoping some of our Aussie bloggers could confirm if any of their surgeons/nutritionists mentioned this info as they are probably following Dr. O’Brien’s book. Here is the edited version of Rule #5. You are only allowed to drink: 
     • Water
     • Mineral water
     • Tea or Coffee
     • Low-Cal soft drinks (be careful of the gas)
The exceptions to the “no liquid calorie” rule are a glass of wine with meals, which we know is good for your health and good for your weight loss when taken in a modest amount (1 drink a day).

Hallelujah. There really is a God!

OK, so I get excited easily. Remember I am on the liquid protein shakes and am carb deprived. On p 147 of the book he says they initially advised no alcohol but many of their patients did take alcohol in spite of their guidance (no sh*t!). So they did a study to see if the patients lost less weight because they were “breaking the law”. To their surprise they found that the more alcohol these patients had, the better the weight loss. Most were drinking wine with meals so they aren’t sure about beer or spirits. He then goes on to say that they have changed their “rules” and now allow up to seven standard drinks per week. He did note that their patients were generally drinking Australian wine. I want to thank our Aussie bandsters who participated in this study by Dr. O'Brien. 

Note: I will go out on a limb right now and say that although I love Australian wine, I’m sure many of the other world wines would be just as effective—my favourite right now is South African but I’d never turn down a wine from California, Italy, France or Niagara—ok and New Zealand wines stole my heart last year!

So there you go. Something to look forward to when I get to eat again. Drink Up!


Gen said...

Yeah! Love the wine advice and I totally agree! Dr Ren and her partner also suggest drinking a glass of wine with dinner in their book "Fighting Weight" - it helps reduce spasms of the esophagus, reducing stuck/sliming incidents. I know from experience this is true! And I am quite sure no one ever got fat from drinking a glass of wine with dinner!

I'll drink to that advice!

Jess said...

I embarassed to say that I've never acquired a taste for wine. This post makes me want to develop one! Having to give up so many other forms of alcohol, mine as well migrate to one that might actually be beneficial.

workinprogress said...

Thanks for the link to the 8 rules - they're a great resource!!!

Jennifer said...

I wish I had a taste for wine. My tastes were always for Coke and Mtn. Dew. I don't have a mature enough palate I guess. lol

I hope you are doing well and the dizziness has gone away. How are you?

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