Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I was called Svelte

I rarely get comments about my weightloss from those around me. I still think I am obese when I look in the mirror, that so-called dysmorphic syndrome. It's funny but when I was fat (fatter?) I thought I was thin and now that I am thinner I think I look fat.

To my point. One of the guys I work with looked at me on Monday and said I looked...

long pause...


NSV!! And today one of the ladies I work with asked if I had lost weight because my face looked thinner. Two compliments in one week.

I've been the same weight for the last 14 months.

I think it's the eyebrows. Barbara made me buy this cool Smashbox eyebrow powder in Chicago. It must make me look thinner.
Yup, it's the eyebrows. You should try it. I'm sure it can make anyone look Svelte.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Back Home

I made it home. Two weeks of travelling and eating and drinking and laughing and walking and all good stuff. I am now in love with Hungarian Goulash Soup. I can't tell you how many bowls I ate while away. It is awesome and I have the recipe and I made a big pot on Thursday. It is so good. Here's me enjoying a bowl in Budapest.
 But I also ate this:
And this:
And this:
And now I will confess.
I gained 1 pound.
Since my defill of 1.5cc on September 29th just before Chicago.
I am so freaking happy. I only gained 1 freaking pound.

I drove to the clinic on Friday and they only gave me back 0.5 cc. It's a start. No more excuses. I will use the band and have it filled to perfection and lose these last 20 pounds. 

And in other news, I met up with Gilly in Toronto over a couple of beers and ravioli. Well I ate that and she ate much less.
Isn't she adorable.

But OMG, I only gained 1 pound. So while I ate and drank lots I also walked a tremendous amount each day. I estimate about 8-10 km. Which makes me want to keep this exercise thing going. Who would have thunk, that exercise lets you eat more. Hmmmm...
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