About Me

I'm Sandy, a Boomer girl on the flip side of 50. I go by the adage that you are only as young as you feel. Age is no longer about a number but how you live the life you are given. Along with my hubby of 30 years I am on a quest for a happy, healthy life full of love, living and laughter.

My first step was losing a bunch of weight that was wearing me down health-wise and I am raring to move onto the next challenge. I'm a true empty-nester except for a very patient husband and he tells me he isn't going anywhere. The kids, a daughter, 28 and a son, 26 are my greatest accomplishment and they are now getting on with their own lives. We are now empty nesters. I still work, but retirement is on the horizen, probably in 6 years.

Sandy & Tim
To the right is a picture of hubby and me on our last trip to Europe. We were in a monastery along the Danube River on All Saints Day (November 1st) having a taste of beer with a pretzel made by the monks. A good beer it was too.

I've blogged for over two years —this journey of weight loss to health. 40 pounds gone and working on the last 10 with the help of the Lapband. As I blogged away, I realized there was a lot of other stuff rolling around in my brain. Losing weight, I discovered was not about losing the pounds. There was so much more to why I let myself get fat in the first place and blogging helps bring out some of the demons — and also some serious reflection. I'm still trying to figure out if I am winding down or just getting my second wind in life.

I write for me but if you can gain any insight from it, please follow along. There will be bits and pieces of This and That. Some Flotsam and some Jetsam. Stuff. My everyday life. 

All I have learned over the years have led me to this point. I really haven't had a master plan. I find blogging is a bit like a GPS to help me get to where I'm going. Although the final destination has not been decided nor what I will do along the way. Will I take detours and side tracks? Will I go where the wind blows me?

Then again, it might be best to throw away all the devices and just experience an unplanned, uncharted journey.
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