Monday, February 15, 2010

Biggest Loser—Good or Bad

I am a bit stunned at having lost almost 19 pounds in less than three weeks. Three weeks ago today was Robbie Burns day and I was out at the pub for a “last supper” of steak, mashed potatoes and beer. I started the liquid pre-op diet the next day. Only 5 days post-op and I am really, really tired of liquids and can’t wait until Wednesday when I can start eating some pureed stuff, like squash. I think I miss real food, the chew, the taste, the swallow.

On Valentine’s Day, nothing spectacular happened. I actually couldn’t get much down for most of the day. I had 1/3 of a protein shake and then a few spoonfuls of soup and most of a vanilla shake but my insides hurt. Part of the problem could have been the “devil Dulcolax” I took the night before that gave me a violent reaction for most of the night. Must remember, nature will take it’s course and doesn’t always need something to encourage elimination. I did have a glass of wine and let about 20 chocolate chips melt slowly in my mouth. I also took my DH grocery shopping to pick up some food and to get a bit of exercise. All went well except for when DH bashed 3 grocery bins into my oh so tender tummy (it was purely accidental-standing in the wrong place at the wrong time as he pulled them out of the car—a real ouchy!).

This morning I opened the newspaper and saw the story about the Biggest Loser not able to keep off their weight. I found a link to the article in another paper so hope it works: Ups, downs of life after 'Biggest Loser' . When the Biggest Loser came on, I watched it every week, but in the last few seasons I have flipped it off. I find the constant abuse that these people are put through mind numbing. Jillian and Bob might be wonderful people and trainers but what is broadcast is humiliating and abusive. The article says the girl regained 60 pounds of the 98 pounds lost on the show (30 pounds came back the first month). She is now working hard to lose some again for a followup show in a few months. I wish her luck but I don’t think they teach safe and effective weight loss. Yes maybe she won $250,000 but the pounds are back.

As I read the article, all the various ways I have tried to lose weight came flooding back—TOPS, WW, Diet Centre, Weight Loss Clinic, Drugs, dieticians, nutritionists, exercise—none that were permanent. But the band—I will work it and let it be my buddy. It won’t yell at me or make me do 12 hours at the gym each day. That inner voice is starting to be heard and it is saying, “you can do it, believe”. I guess I have my word for the year—Believe—I think a few others also have the same word.

And I have to post that Canada finally won a gold medal in men’s moguls yesterday. The reason this is such an event is that Canada has never won a gold medal on home soil. It doesn’t take much to get us Canadians excited. So sorry to the Silver medalist Aussie Begg-Smith (he is actually a Canadian born in Vancouver) and the bronze medalist Wilson from the USA. It was just our time.

Recipe request from Tracy:

Curried Squash Soup
   1 med onion, chopped
   3 cloves garlic, crushed
   2 carrots, chopped
   4 cups squash, chopped (frozen)
   1 tbsp olive oil
   1 tsp curry powder
   1 tsp ground cumin
   4 cups chicken stock
   1 tbsp dried parsley
   salt, pepper & hot sauce to taste
Sauté onion, garlic and carrot in oil for 5 minutes. Add curry and cumin and stirfry for a minute or so. Add remaining ingredients and simmer until all vegetables are tender. Puree until smooth. Add seasonings. You can also cut up a live squash instead of the frozen.


Band Groupie said...

GREAT WL, Congrats!!! Good article...I'm addicted to watching TBL, but I also know most of them gain a lot of the weight back...I think it sets up that stereotype that fat people are just lazy and when they start working out the WL will just drop like crazy...who can work out 10-12 hours a day and eat lik e bird?

Barbara said...

Hey Sandy.. BL still intrigues me, but at the same time makes me feel bad at my own rate of loss; however.. slow and steady wins the race. I know the show is about diet and exercise but why can't people who have been banded be included.. maybe a spin off the show.. The Tightest Band (ha).
Soup recipe sounds delicious...
AND HORRAY FOR CANADA.. loved the men's mogul although I have sympathetic pain in my knees as I watch them go down the hill.

Be well.

Grizzlyrider said...

I love watching BTL also but have noticed that the trainers have become more and more abusive every season. I suppose they think the audience wants more drama. I really just love to see people lose weight. Those impromptu little mental insights they show are stupid and unbelievable. I'd never tell Jillian a darn thing. Anyway, I do watch the show (obsessively) but do not envy the contestants in any way. The article was very interesting, I feel bad both girls are not separated from their husbands, I do remember them both. Ah, nothing is certain in life but change!

Grizzlyrider said...

Well, of course I mean "now" separated from their husbands!

workinprogress said...

I love the biggest loser as well! It's addictive - but it isn't real life. No one can exercise that much as still have time for work, family, friends, etc.

One of the reasons I decided to get banded was the statistic that 90 - 95% of people who lose weight through diet and exercise alone regain it within 1 - 5 years.

I'm getting off the see-saw!!

Justine said...

Congrats on losing 19lbs - that is brilliant, and you must be so pleased! Makes it all worthwhile, doesn't it?

Carmen said...

yay for 19 lbs :-)
as far as BL goes...they work out a minimum of EIGHT hours a day every day and have every bit of their food monitored. there is really no way for them to "cheat" on the ranch so of course the weight will melt off and then going home just throws it all out of whack!! for so called reality tv, it's not real...

Girl Bandit said...

Fantastic loss sandy...I always knew you would go well with the band. BL is on here is Oz atm and they have made some great changes like focusing more on food and less on making them eat things like eggs for a week. I have enjoyed it so far and so get what you are saying!!!

TJ said...

That soup sounds so yummyyyy. I can't wait to my next fill and I am on liquids :) As for myself I like biggest loser. Yes they exercise 6-8 hours a day with a full medical team standing by, but I would have loved the chance to change my life that way. Completely away from all distractions.

Could I have done it on my own - probably not, but I do think they learn a lot while they are they - from nutrition and workout tips to learning what they really can do. Just like the band they have to choose what they want to do when they get home. It isn't as easy and it needs a lot of hard work either way in my mind.

I personally think that some of them are more in it for the money than the health benefits. If that is their motivation and the motivation leaves suddenly then you have problems. However, I have seen several of them after and they have maintained the loss. One of them lives nearby (and he actually failed at the bypass). He almost lost his job because he was gone for so long so money wasn't the biggest motivator. Last I saw he was still doing great.

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