Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dr. Oz

I was skimming through some blogs and saw Nikki’s blog –you know, she the one in Hawaii. OK we aren’t jealous. She saw the 100th episode of Dr. Oz yesterday and since I missed it, I googled the show. This is a link to part of the show which really hit home. How Drastic Weight Loss Affects Your Body.

I hope you watch it and get some inspiration and also hope the full show becomes available on-line so I can see it all. The part about fat in the belly really hit home.

Thanks Nikki. Prayers to you and those in the military who are fighting for us. In Canada we wear red on Fridays to remember the men and women deployed from all countries.


Jess said...

Can't view your link at work but wanted to say hi. And also to share that a few Goldfish swam through my pouch during liquids. Just a few though, and mostly because my two toddlers drop them all over the house. It's easier to just pop them in my mouth than throw them away. Gross, I know.

Grizzlyrider said...

Watched the Dr. Oz link. That's amazing about the knees. I didn't know they could heal themselves. I'm about to see a surgeon next week about my bad knee. I wonder if I really will need surger or not. Certainly something to ask him about! I learn the most interesting things from these blogs!

Girl Bandit said...

Wow...all that fat is on my tummy and more probably....yuck. I would love to see the rest of the show but we don't even get it here.

Hope you are well

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