Friday, February 19, 2010

Crab Cakes and Pedicures

Today was a good day. My SIL treated me to a lovely pedicure this afternoon. I love pedicures. So relaxing and now my toes are sporting a lovely red O.P.I. nail polish. I can’t remember the color so will have to go to the store and hold a bunch of bottles close to my feet to find the same one.

Before the manicure we went for a quick lunch at the Red Dog CafĂ©, a tiny little pub close to the salon. This was my first meal out—how exciting. I finally decided to try the appetizer size crab cakes with wasabi mayonnaise and a bowl of their creamy vege soup. How delish. I was only able to finish one crab cake and half a bowl of soup. But my SIL was happy as she got to eat the other crab cake. I don’t seem to get a full feeling but do get an ache in my left shoulder. I am pretty sure this is just referred pain from the band as it seems to happen just after I eat and goes away about an hour later. Strange. During the pedicure I had a cappuccino and a couple of tiny biscotti but I felt stuffed and wanted to lie down. It took about 20 minutes to be able to sit comfortably. Sort of like after thanksgiving dinner. Ha—maybe this band will work.

This is also the first day I haven’t felt exhausted. I was out yesterday afternoon and did a good walk around Lowes to look at bathroom vanities. After about 20 minutes I was exhausted so went home and ate a half slice of pate and some mashed up Mac & Cheese. Not sure if it was the iron in the pate or the extra fat, but I sure felt great this morning. Trying to get in some good foods while only living on liquids was becoming very hard. It might also have been that my DH was out of town on business, so I had the bed all to myself. I usually sleep much better when he isn't home. LOL.

So I can now say, 9 days post-op, I am feeling pretty good. No weight loss in the last few days which is the most frustrating but it will come. I lost 15 pounds up to the day of surgery and then have only managed to drop another 4 pounds since. A bit frustrating but it is probably because I introduced carbs back into my diet (thank god!). Those low-carb diets may be good at dropping all the excess water but for me it is not a sustainable way of life. I do know in past years that my highest weight of the year is always at the end of February. I can honestly say, not this year!

Looking forward to seeing better results over the next few weeks. I Believe. The band will work.


workinprogress said...

Got to love a good pedicure!!! Enjoy your pretty toes :-)

Gen said...

Love pedis, glad you were able to enjoy!

I agree about the low carb - the thing is, from here on out you know the weight you are losing is FAT, not just water. Hey 19 pounds already is great!!!

Sounds like you have restriction too! Work it while you can!

Band Groupie said...

Hooray for restriction!!! Hope it lasts. Love the pedi...bright red is my fav!

THE DASH! said...

Nice going, Sandi-Lee. I think you'll find (and you mentioned it anyway) that the further restricted you come, the more you are determined to only put 'good' food in your mouth. There's no room for crap (at least thats the theory lol) We still have our small blowouts - but thats the key.. they're small. No room for biggies any more. So glad you're doing well. You sound upbeat and happy. xxx Have a lovely weekend.

THE DASH! said...

OOPS that was supposed to be 'the further restricted you BECOME' .. doh.. sorry :)

DawnB said...

What is it about Lowe's & the Lap Band??? DH & I walked around Lowe's when we were about a week out too! I was exhausted when we got home-LOL!

Gilly said...

just keep shopping at Lowes!! Keeps DH gainfully employed :)

Your pedi sounds delightful!

I believe too :)

Girl Bandit said...

I lost about the same amount of weight and you might just maintain now but it is all good. I got some referred pain when I drank too much sounds normal to me. remember this stage is about recovering and healing not losing weight but you are doing great anyway....poh and I love a pedicure

Canadian Bird said...

I can't believe you said "Mac & Cheese!" As a fellow Canadian, I KNOW you meant "KD." Right??? lol

Your post reminded me how I've neglected my own tootsies! Gotta book me a pedi. :)

Robin at Band on the Run

Canadian Bird said...

Oh, by the way, Sandra... I noticed you commented on my regular blog. Perhaps you didn't find my band blog? I know it's confusing b/c I don't want everyone I know (yet) to know I'm getting the band, so I have my band blog in stealth mode.
Please find it here:
Band on the Run
Robin at Band on the Run

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