Thursday, January 28, 2010

Scales—What is Our Real Weight

I’m sitting at my computer at work chomping on radishes, cucumber, celery and broccoli (all low glycemic veges) smothered in salt, when I wondered how to really put down my starting weight. When I had my first consult with the doctor for banding, I weighed 209 pounds in their office. Before stepping on the scales that afternoon, I had eaten a huge lunch including a large diet pepsi, was fully clothed and what the heck, I didn’t even take off my shoes. So is 209 my “real” weight. I have seen that number in the past so will use it as my starting point. 209 has been sitting there on my Ticker countdown for weeks. Funny how the doctors register only the pounds/kilograms lost and not the other benefits (ie better strength, balance, lower BP, being able to run 5k). To them it always seems to be just a numbers game. But maybe we buy into the numbers too. We get depressed when they don’t go down or don’t go down fast enough! We don’t value that we have added exercise to our life or we have controlled the bingeing or that our clothes are less snug.

From now on I will use my spiffy glass scales at home as I think the most accurate weight is first thing in the morning, stark naked, alone in the closet which is what I did this morning (201.4). I have lost over 7 pounds! My estimate is really 4 pounds lighter but it looks nicer on the Ticker so I’ll take it—no shame, no apologies, no congrats needed. I will finally throw out my old scales which always registered 10 pounds lighter (I never saw a weight over 200—on them I was always in the 190’s). But the reality is that I do want a bit of accuracy from a real scale.

Tonight I look forward to roasting a bunch of low glycemic veges with some onions and garlic for a treat to go along with the shake. 5 shakes down, 37 to go.


Jen from Oregon said...

For myself I chose to use my highest known weight as my starting point (which for me was one month prior to banding)
But when I update I try to include my pre-band loss & post-band total loss :)

mmmmmm, I love roasted veggies!

Gilly said...

You're not supposed to be eating ANY salt, you naughty girl! :P

THE DASH! said...

Great start, Sandy! I chose the number the doc gave me also on my ticker - I didn't have a pair of working scale at home at that time - so his it was. Whatever the number, it's just a few pounds either way - inconsequential. Doing well, chicklett!!

Jess said...

Wow, a crunch...I've almost forgotten what that feels like. Consider yourself lucky, I've been on pure liquids for 3 weeks. (I'm ignoring the 3 crackers I ate on day 5 ot 6...and all of the crackers I've chewed and spit out since.)

I'm on board with your weighing strategy. And like Dash said, it's totally inconsequential if you're off a few pounds. The ticker police don't know where I live!

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