Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Last Suppers

I’ve been working on getting my “last suppers” in before I start the pre-op drinks on Jan. 27th. It is something I have to do mentally, even though I know I can eat almost anything after being banded. Eating out at restaurants and cooking my favourite meals has always been my prelude to starting any weight loss program. I won't bore you with the various menus but they involve lots of rice and pasta and spice. And beer and wine! This obsession with making sure I get the "last" taste of everything is strange. After being banded, nothing will be off limits, but I feel like I will be going into space and will never be able to eat some of my favourite foods again! I have to get off this dieting mentality and work on the getting healthy with good food, just less of it. I figure if I can eat healthy for 90% of the time, the other 10% will not damage me too much.

My DH has been very supportive but he really doesn’t have any weight to lose. He comes from a family of large people (he is the oldest of 6 boys, some obese) so he is very prone to weight gain. About 15 years ago DH began exercising to lose his extra 40 pounds—he has a 4th degree black belt in Karate, runs 10 km several times a week, lifts weights and rides for hours on his bike when the weather is good. He still eats and drinks whatever he likes and just exercises more but sees that it doesn't work for me. He is also the one paying for the surgery. OK, the money is coming from our joint account but he is the one who knows how to do an electronic transfer from the bank to the clinic.

Last week I received my three week supply of Medifast Protein Drinks. We went out that night to an all you can eat Sushi restaurant for my "last" fill of Sushi. During dinner we discussed how I would be on the Protein Drinks for two weeks pre-op and I asked DH if he would support me by doing 5 days of Protein Drinks with me. I was even going to give him an extra shake each day!

DH thought it was a great idea, then proceeded to tell me how he would have to supplement the drinks with food. I don’t think he really got the purpose of the challenge. I told him that if he added food he wouldn’t really experience how I felt. His reply—“I have to live with you for those two weeks so I am sure I will certainly be experiencing what you are going through". LOL.

So 2 weeks from today, I start the liquid protein (without the DH participating) and 4 weeks from today, I am being banded. I am now getting impatient to start this journey, although I still have a few "last suppers" to get through.


Band-Babe said...

I did the farewell tour to our favorite restaurants. Twice. :) Funny thing is, I can still now eat at all of them! It's just the 90/10 (or 85/15 or whatever) idea that keeps everything in check.

THE DASH! said...

It's a big misconception that you can't 'eat' what you once ate when banded. I remember once standing in line at a checkout and I bumped into a friend who is one of the rare people who know I have a band. She was really excited for me and how much I had lost at that point, and a lady behind me asked what it was I was doing as she wanted to lose weight. I broke out of my usual "portion sizes and exercise" explanation and instead said I had a lap band put in. She recoiled in horror.. "Oh, I would never do that!!! You can only eat pureed food for the rest of your life."

And there you have it. Enjoy your last meals :) But remember if you dive in too hard, thats just more weight to lose when the band goes in lol. Enjoy. :)

Debi said...

I agree with Cara, "The Dash" as far as eating out, but being careful not to gain too much!

I too did the last supper, many times before I was banded! I lost 17.6 lbs on my Pre-Op Diet. But my diet was for 3 wks (it was supposed to be for 4 wks).

So since I was only required to lose 11 lbs for Surgery, I felt I could have one last meal the day before Surgery. I had a fantastic Fillet Mignon Steak & I had no problems at all during Surgery!!

My only regret was that I didn't do the Pasta last meal!! I love Spaghetti & Meatballs & I didn't have any & still haven't had any yet!

Ashley said...

I am in a similar boat. My pre-op diet beings on Monday and it is very rigid. My liquids don't start for a week after that, and then it is nine days of them. I've been eating all the pasta and chocolate I want. Just being honest! I hope I will be able to enjoy these foods in moderation later, but I'll try not to be too disappointed if I can't.

I asked my husband to follow along the diet with me at least while he is at home, but I realize how unfair to him that is as he is a diabetic and my first week consists of a lot of rice. (Starches are no good for him). Oh well... maybe he'll at least keep the fried food out! Hehe

Gilly said...

Enjoy your farewells, each and every one of them! Because trust me, the liquid diet is one of the most difficult things I've ever done...for the first week. After that, it's really not a big deal. It's the withdrawal of the first week that makes it bad. But if I could do it, I know you can! Good luck!!

CeeJay said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog! I wish you the best with your upcoming surgery!

mommyof4 said...

I see your a beer drinker, you might want to say goodbye to that and drink up while you can. Beer is the one thing I miss the most!! I use to love an ice cold beer w/salt!!! I think that could be part of the reason I was almost 300lbs, so it's a good thing I can't tolerate it anymore.

Girl Bandit said...

I thom the pre op diet is the worst. If DH can help you through that phase then that helps. Not long till you join us on the other side

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