Friday, January 8, 2010

Funnel Cakes

I had a funny memory come back to me, when I read a recent post from Girl Bandit (Ramblings from the Other Side…) asking what Funnel Cakes were. 

My first taste of a Funnel Cake was at Walt Disney World in Orlando about 10 years ago. Before I even knew what they were I had a funny experience. We were standing in line for one of the rides and a lovely Chinese family came up to us to ask “did I know where they can get “fornicate”. Please accept my  apologies if any offense is taken, but I had to have him repeat it a few times. Finally a lovely southern man in front of me stepped in and asked if it was Funnel Cake he was asking about. Yes-Yes-Yes-that was it. I stopped staring, the family left to get their cakes and we proceeded to laugh hysterically at my misunderstanding. It was then that I had to track down this lovely treat.

At the theme parks there are Funnel Cake stands at every bench. Or maybe I always chose the bench closest to the Funnel Cakes! They are super delicious, super high in fat and sugar, but if you add the lovely fruit topping they must provide some nutrients. In Canada, they are only available in some of our theme parks. Our national doughy confection is a Beaver Tail. They too are high in fat and sugar and the toppings are usually cinnamon sugar but sometimes maple syrup. They are a good warm treat while skating. When President Obama visited Ottawa last fall, his cavalcade stopped so he could get a Beaver Tail to try. Funny how they are briefed on the different customs of the countries they visit! But we do have healthy food here.

            Beaver Tail                                       Funnel Cake
So thanks Bandit Girl for giving me a laugh for the day. Maybe I'll need to try one before my liquids start in 2.5 weeks. Now don't get me started on Poutine.


TJ said...

I think in Michigan we call them "elephant ears". I am glad we can't eat bread so I am not tempted this summer. I guess I will have to bring my own snacks to a fair or theme park this year since I don't think any of them have healthy food :)

THE DASH! said...

Wow, these look deadly, as in YUM!! I have never had a funnel cake either - never even heard of it before Amy posted about eating one at a fair once.

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