Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Catching Up

Being in a very mellow mood last night and nothing on TV, I decided to randomly pick a blog and read it from the beginning. When I first started reading blogs, I jumped from blog to blog and read some from the beginning but as I joined others blogs, I fell behind in my reading. On Monday, Barbara from My NEW LIFE RULES left me a comment so I clicked to her blog and ended up reading it from the beginning. I think the first post I really remember was the one she wrote about wanting a spiffy new closet back in December. I was about to post a comment back on her blog as I had jotted down a couple of notes but decided to make a post of it. On one of her posts she said “I am not a good bandster model to follow. I am still trying to figure this out.” I think we are all in the same boat. We are all trying to figure this band out. I always think of the ripple effect. Little insights from a post can have a huge impact on others but we may never know. But I’ve been stalking Barbara for months and she brings me such inspiration. I can’t wait to meet in Chicago. I apologize in advance if I got any of the following information messed up and Barbara, I hope you don't mind me revealing you.

So what did I find out about Barbara. Well… She lives in Buck’s County, Pennsylvania and just got back from a great vacay in Florida where she had a bit of a Boob slippage problem in the pool. Barbara has two lovely daughters, a couple of Yorkies (like the Queen!), a great hubby who eats her diet snacks (like mine) but built her a lovely closet for all the coats and shoes and soon to be new clothes. Believe it or not, she told us about a deer that jumped through a window of the salon where she has her hair done. I guess that is why it's called Buck’s County. She was banded on my sister’s birthday—October 29th, 2009 and is a few ounces from Onderland. I noticed she had 98 followers so maybe the stars will align, she’ll see 199 and also get 100 followers. So come and join to see if we can push her through to Onderland!

One of her first posts mentioned being on boring Six Sigma training. I’m taking the same training in a few months—and my SIL told me it would really help me understand process management and was fun. She wants a Tattoo of Tinkerbell but didn’t tell us where and we both love National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and Chocolate. She flies on business a lot and lo and behold has given the finger to a guy who made a fat comment on an airplane. You go girl! I would have said…well I think everyone knows my potty mouth. She also made me laugh when shopping for her free Thanksgiving turkey—one woman was guarding 4 turkeys and wouldn’t make up her mind. Barbara just stepped back and decided it was just a turkey. Again, I am starting to realize you can step back and chill. She ended up with a lovely fresh turkey in the end and it was free. I still wonder how Americans get free turkeys.

Anyone living on the Eastern Seaboard knows that the snowfall this year was horrendous. Barbara kept us posted on almost every blizzard and there were many. Can you believe they had more snow than us northern inhabitants here in Canada. We basked in the warm El Nino winter. Sucks to be you! Except the Philadelphia Flyers will probably beat the Montreal Canadiens in hockey this month. And now that it is summer she can get back to her love of sports. I loved the photo of her and her dad at a Phillie’s game and the slipped Boob Tube pic.

Some of her other insights and Barbara-isms:
~Live Life to the fullest
~Clothes at the Gap: Size zero stuff is just sick
~SOS—Secrets of Skinnies
~Wants to deplete all of her black clothes and add some color back into her life.
~Sometimes wants to hit the Escape Key
~Gave me hope that I would get through my plateau as she has been there too.

I guess what I get most from Barbara’s posts is her outlook on life. She has shown tremendous strength with dealing with family health problems and I think her New Life Rules—Rule! (she has them posted at the top of her blog). And last but not least, Barbara did a vlog . So now I have to practice to do one too.

We all get a little something out of blogging. I'm the first to admit, I get great support and inspiration from all of you. I am so glad we found each other.


Lonicera said...

I've just had a look at her blog, now she's just got one more to go, to reach 100... I like her view on life. It's nice to read about imperfect bandits!!

Barbara said...

Sandy .... you are soooo sweet.. You pretty much nailed my life in ONE post.. (ha ha and I have written over 40 I guess I can be wordy... I guess that would be called the Readers Digest CONDENSED version - which I always viewed as toilet seat reading).
One thing about the closet.. yeah well.. it's HALF DONE.. and I still plan on taking pictures.. My DH is good at home projects .. they just take a year and a day to complete (am I alone here???)

Thank you so much for the recognition.. you know that I love following your blog and feel that we are truly banded sisters... just waiting for the skinny train to arrive... Big hugs to you...

Jennifer said...

I love Barbara! What a great post Sandy. :)

Stephanie said...

What a great post. You just opened up the doors for a whole bunch of other bloggers to find her and I think that's awesome!! You're awesome and i can't wait to meet you in Chicago...:)

Jess said...

What a sweet post.

My favorite line though, "I still wonder how Americans get free turkeys."

You're so random sometimes, it's endearing.

carla said...

Very sweet post..I have to read her blog now :-)

Band-Babe said...

This is awesome! YOU are awesome!!!

LDswims said...

What a great post. I look forward to checking her blog out. I just became follower 101 - so she's there!

Nella said...

What a great idea and very cool post! You got it babe! But come on...you gotta cheer for Montreal!!!!

Janice said...

I'm going to visit Barbara's blog now. I enjyoy reading blogs start to finish. Sometimes it can take a few hours or more, but it is fun to see a year's journey in one glimpse. Speaking of turkeys, we live on the prairie and have about a couple of dozen running around every day.
Thanks for sharing Barb's blog.
Surgery Date: May 25

Girl Bandit said...

Great post....I love Barbara's blog too...she always has a beautiful smile too

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