Wednesday, October 6, 2010

On The Road Again

I need an award for marathon reading over 500 posts in the last two nights. And not only that, Blogger has now been blocked where I work. What will I ever do with my time. OK, I guess I'll have to work. But I work across from a Starbucks and they have wireless, so I think my iTouch will come in handy. As my previous post mentioned, I left Chicago but flew out to San Francisco with DH last week. We arrived home on Sunday, the 3rd around 10:00 pm. Morning came way too early and work was dreadful, especially when my Blogs were blocked. WTF!

I did have a moment to relax a bit after the fantastic time I had in Chicago. And it was amazing. I love you guys even though I didn't get to spend much time with all of you. It was sort of like licking the icing off 50 cupcakes. Ewww. That sounds a bit gross, but it was still a sweet time. I've been reading some of the worries that some of you had, but believe me, I was stunned by everyone. And tears fell. I felt like you were all my little girls or sisters. My eFamily!! This entire social networking idea was not very clear until I realized that complete strangers can actually form an amazing bond. Part of it might have been the Long Island Iced Tea that really isn't tea. But they are really, really good and I think I have found my new drink. It might have been the additional beers that had me singing karaoke as backup with Steph belting out "I will Survive". And we all did.

Shortly after boarding my plane for SF, I opened up Good Housekeeping magazine and one of the first articles began with the following quote:

"Beauty is what health and happiness looks like on the outside."

All I could think about is how beautiful everyone looked in Chicago. The pictures show the glow we all had. It was a moment of sheer happiness that we had actually got off our butts and gathered together. I do look at some of my pictures and want to pick out the flaws and fat and funny lumps. But in reality, no one saw that. Because we were all seeing the beauty of the health and happiness we have from losing weight and knowing that we are not alone in this journey.

Now to the title of my post. I'm going to Stowe, Vermont for the weekend. Just want to keep using my passport with my weird picture. It doesn't look anything like me but they keep letting me in and out of the country. I have saved a few Greenbacks and the Visa is still steaming but the leaves will be glorious and the weather great. I am leaving DH home alone and staying at an Inn with my sister. When DH looked a little sad that I was leaving, I had to reinforce that we had just spent 24-7 together and we are still married. I'll be back on Sunday, 10-10-10, for our 29th anniversary. We spent our first anniversary in Burlington, Vermont but ended up sleeping in the car as all the hotels were booked.

For those who don't know, it is Thanksgiving weekend in Canada. Turkey and mashed potatoes and gravy and stuffing... And lots of pumpkin pie and apple crisp but I don't have to cook. My BIL and SIL host Thanksgiving and we host Christmas.

I will post some of my pictures from Chicago but haven't downloaded them onto my computer yet. I had hoped to get every single person but alas I missed a few. I want to make a new page and post as many as I can. I leave you with one photo from my wedding 29 years ago. This was taken just north of Ottawa in Quebec. The leaves were amazing and the weather wonderful. And Tim (my DH) had hair.
 Wishing you a lovely long weekend, wherever you are.

Just found a recipe for Long Island Iced Tea. I had two! No wonder I was singing Karaoke:
     3/4 oz. vodka
     3/4 oz. tequila
     3/4 oz. white rum
     3/4 oz. gin
     3/4 oz. Cointreau
     1 oz. fresh lemon juice
     1/2 tsp sugar syrup
     Splash cola
     Lemon slice for garnish


Maria said...

I heart you Sandy! And I love the wedding pic -- you were a beautiful bride!

Bonnie said...

It was so great walking into the hotel lobby and seeing you sitting there then having time to chat in Starbucks. It's one of my favorite memories. I love your comparison to meeting everybody to licking cupcakes. It fits perfectly. And now you are off to another fun getaway. How wonderful. Love your wedding pic.

Barbara said...

Oh my little friend.. I miss you so much already.. if I didn't have something that I have committed to I would be tempted to drive to Vermont and meet up with you for a drink..
Love that pix, you look so innocent!!! and Happy Anniversary..

Jacquie said...

Tim should talk to Steve...they can reminisce about their lost hair! Actually, so can I lately. It was great hanging with you Sandy and that Dawg was so good. I am so happy that my band didn't tighten then like it is now because I would have PB'd all over Chicago!

I'm happy you had a wonderful time in SF and have a great weekend with your sis. I too will be with my sister tomorrow for 6 days! I will have a LI Ice Tea in your honor while I am on Long Island!

Happy Anniversary if I don't get on the computer on 10/10/10!

Miss Vickie "The Queen Bee" said...

Sandy, you are just a treat, I tell ya! You are cute and sweet and funny. Happy Anniversary....I love the picture and I love you!

Marie said...

What a beautiful wedding picture!!! love it. Thanks so much for sharing!

tessierose said...

Beautiful bride then, beautiful blooger now! We've missed you. Long Island Teas are dangerous,but delicious!

Alison said...

So nice to have you back, your wedding photo is beautiful.

Pamela E. Williams said...

Awww such a wonderful post! Not to mention that your anniversary is on MY birthday!! What a wonderful day. I wish you many happy more.

Darlin1 said...

How beautiful through and through you are Sandy-

Have fun with your sister!

Steph said...

Oooooh, what a beautiful picture! Happy and safe travels to you.

kagead said...

Gorgeous photo! Sounds like you have been having a fantastic time with more fun to come.

Happy anniversary and I'll definitely let you know when I get the Toronto trip together.

Cindylew said...

There's my little Tootsie Roll...I've missed you.
Aren't you just the world traveler...from trip to trip to jealous am I.
Have a wonderful long weekend and Happy Anniversary.

Michelle said...

What a lovely bride! :)

Something About Kellie said...

I love the pic! You look soooo in lurve! :)

Lonicera said...

Left you a message yesterday but I can't have stayed around to check it got up there, cos it's not there now - I was expressing envy that all these great girls have got to meet you and I haven't... and also to say I hoped you had a very good anniversary - I love the wedding picture.

Stephanie said...

In your wedding photo, you look like Viven Leigh from Gone with the Wind. beautiful!!!

Oh and those LIIT's are killer!!

Joey said...

I love this photo!

I could have spent the whole weekend in Chicago with you and it wouldn't have been enough.

I'm shocked. Shocked!! A LIIT has coke in it?? Thats going too far.

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