Saturday, October 16, 2010

10 Weeks til Christmas

Did anyone else notice that 10 weeks from today is Christmas Day? And not to forget my Jewish friends, it is less than 7 weeks until Hanukkah. When my kids were little, I used to have my shopping done by October. Which was one of the reasons I was able to get a Care Bear in 1983 for my baby daughter before the shortage happened that year. Not anymore. Now I wait until mid December or shop on-line. How things change.

I'm all alone in the house as my DH is at a fishing camp. No fishing taking place, just manly things like chopping wood, drinking scotch, chowing down on huge steaks, burping and farting and doing those guy things. I have to go clean the basement. Call for help if you don't hear from me in a few days. I might be lost in the junk. And this is my backyard full of leaves still to be raked.
Just answering a few BYOC questions. 
1. Tell me about someone you envy... I used to envy people who I thought had more money, more status, had their life together, had wonderful relationships, were skinny. Until I realized they were just like me. We all poop and pee and we all have problems. I actually envy those who don't worry about what others think because we all have our idiosyncrasies or differences. It would be boring to go through life with everyone the same. Where's the fun in that!

2. What makes you angry? Hate and propaganda. It shouldn't matter if someone is different, be it religion, race, sexual orientation, age, weight, disability, politics...  My blood boils and they can just stay out of my face. La La La La La (with fingers in my ears). I don't want to hear the crap.

3. What do you do when you feel very sad or depressed? Eat. Still.

4. If you were stranded on a lonely beach, what 5 things would you want to have?
LIIT* (which I had to google when someone put that in a comment. *Long Island Ice Tea), 5 of them.

5. Summarize your week in real life and in Blogland. I finally stopped travelling. I was upset at work because they shut off our access to Blogger. BUT!!!! I found out on Friday that I can still read posts using Google Reader. Access is not denied. Yahoo. I can't leave any comments but I am happily reading which is helping me get back on track. Band wise, I was tight, then loose, then tight to the point I was contemplating an unfill. Then I got loose again. Last night I got stuck on ice cream. WTF is going on. For breakfast I ate scrambled eggs, no problem. I am plateaued in the low 170's and expect to be there for another month. I have pledged to get back to the gym if I can only remember the way.

One more thing. I told Carmen that I would post my favourite picture from Chicago. It was of her. I loved her blue scarf and flower and kept staring at her. I had only ever seen her in black. She just seemed so exotic. And all you other lovely ladies: a picture page from Chicago will be coming with all your sweet faces. Till then Here's Carmen...
And remember, there are only 10 weeks til Christmas. What is the "must have" toy this year?


Tina said...

eek..I am going to need to but my fingers in my ears and do the lalalal thing to pretend the 10 weeks til Christmas isn't coming..I just cannot face it yet.


Darlin1 said...

Love the beautiful colors of Fall in your backyard and blog. If I were there I would rake the leaves for you. I have avocado and bamboo leaves fall ---but not because of the weather change.

I loved the LIIT x5

Camille said...

Love the picture of Carmen!!

Linda said...

Don't panic me about Christmas yet!! Actually I thrive on how much I can get done last minute.
I use google reader at work too. You can't comment, but at least you can keep up.

Nikki P said...

10 weeks, OMG how ever will I reach all my goals by then.
Your back yard looks simply enchanting, and I also love that picture of Carmen. Wish I had been there to see her first hand. :)

Drazil said...

Carmen is a beauty...and God - so are you. I can't read from you enough. LOVE your BYOC. Love you and I miss you dearly. I will NEVER forget our talks in Chicago.

Ali said...

10 weeks?! How can that be? The days are just flying by, it seems.

Thanks for the comment on my last post and I LOVE what you said about sometimes seeing the past so we can get to the future. So true. That's going to be one of my new quotes. :-)

Justawallflower said...

I LOVE the pic of your back yard. That is one thing I miss about Ohio, the fall. Not the same in Florida!

As for Christmas....My daughter's birthday is in November, so I usually do all kinds of shopping throughout the year, and then right before her birthday I decide what is birthday and what is Christmas. I am just about done with both. I have two or things, I think, and stocking stuffers to get.

For me, my Christmas must have a a gastric band! I am expecting to get it a little early, but that is the ONLY thing I want!

Carmen said...

love you sandy and thank you for feeling my bones! :-) xoxo

Gen said...

Everything is last minute for me...I don't even start thinking about Xmas until after Tgiving!

Love your BYOC!

tessierose said...

LOL, 5 Long Island Iced Teas! You kill me!! That would be a great Christmas gift for just about everyone!

Joey said...

LIITs on a stranded island?? How perfect!

Carmen is stunning!

P.S. When are you coming to San Diego?

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