Friday, April 16, 2010

BYOC – Bring Your Own Craziness!

Every Friday I say to myself—I am not going to answer questions but something drives me to answer. Don’t know why, so here they are:

1. If you ever won the lottery – what’s the very first thing you’d do? I’d give the entire amount to Drazil. OMG, there must be something hidden in this message making me say that! But really, I guess I’d give her a few bucks and then do the following:
    ~Quit my job
    ~Travel around the world (maybe on one of those round the world ships—although I get seasick)
    ~Buy an all expense paid weekend to Chicago for all my followers.
    ~Buy a new SUV and an RV to be a nomad travelling North America.
    ~Lose weight (oh right don't need money for that!)

2. What is your favorite curse word? (This one is from Joey)
Why the fuck would you want to know that. The guy who works for me calls me potty mouth so pick any word. I can be prim and proper when I need to be. My kids are also potty mouths. I learned all these words when I was in the militia during university. I loved saying FUBAR but it fell out of use a long time ago. That basically sums up my work though.

3. What is your favorite holiday and why? Christmas. Why? Presents, food, chocolate, candles, family, more food, more chocolate. And wine, lots of wine.

4. What turns you on? (another suggestion from Joey) After all these years (30), my DH. It’s just knowing that I’m not alone and can depend on someone to be there for me. A lot of people find our relationship strange and many said it wouldn't last. We fight like cats and dogs sometimes but overall he is just there by my side. We have gone through a lot of ups and downs together, financially, emotionally, family issues but I miss him when he’s away. Everyone say Awww together. Wait a minute was this a sex question?

5. Whose blog spoke to you, stayed with you, meant the most to you, stands out to you this week and why? Already did this one yesterday—see my Thursday Lollipop Award post.

~~ Side note ~~
My sister is visiting this weekend and she likes to talk, so I might not get much time to read many blogs or post. I talk too much anyway. We are going to cook together and restock my frozen dinners.  Have a lovely weekend—it is going to rain and be cold (yes Jess, a high of 6C (42F) on Saturday). Sucks.


Drazil said...

Awwww - crap - you blew my subliminal message that was in #1.....but yes - send it my way! You're too sweet for words! I love #2 - I was laughing so hard.

Barbara said...

Hey Sandy.. I am so glad that your Senators blew the pants off of the Pens.. I am hoping to go to CHI... as long as my work schedule stays open.. glad we have the dates in advance ... that helps me alot.. can't wait to see everyone. be well and have a good weekend..

Nella said...

Beautiful today but cold this weekend on the west coast!

Have a great one!

amandakiska said...

I have read several of these now and it looks like we are all a bunch of potty mouths. You were my last hope!

Lady Lap Band said...

haha loose weight, you could pay for a personal trainer!! I would definetly do that, they are so darn expensive.

-Grace- said...

Love this!!

Jenny said...

Great post!

Bianca J said...

Love your answers.

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