Thursday, November 4, 2010

Baby I Love Your Way

Oprah has had some amazing guests on her show this week. Today Peter Frampton just played Baby I Love Your Way. 1976. I had just graduated from University and the world was my pearl (or is that oyster?).

But the best version of the song was on his live album. And today he doesn't have much hair. But then neither does my DH. And I still love him.
The rest is of this week I'll do in bullets:
  • My heart ached on Monday when Portia de Rossi (now deGeneres) talked about her anorexia and bulimia. And having to hide that she was gay. Her book is moving and in it she tells how she gave up dieting of any sort. She's on Ellen today.
  • I can eat again. Yup. Everything. I haven't been stuck for almost two weeks so the priming my band by eating or drinking something 5-20 minutes and then waiting has worked. In fact too much. I have been enjoying pasta, bread, english muffins. A bit too much. I still want to be able to eat every food, but I am eating way too much. So I booked a small fill for next Monday. Maybe a top up of 0.1cc. I know, I'm weird. That tiny little bit can get me to my sweet spot and cut the cravings. I'm up about 4 pounds from my lowest and know I need the band to help me stop gaining.
  • It snowed here last week and we might get more on the weekend. I need a new winter coat as my one from last year is huge.
  • I get cold. Really cold. I used to keep the furnace at about 18C (65F) and I was still hot and sweaty. Last night I boosted the furnace to 22C (74F), put on my flannel pants, flannel nightgown and fluffy socks. Then I covered myself with a blanket. Now I understand why people used to complain about how cold my house was.
  • Baking Day is almost here. For years, my family has gotten together to bake goodies for Christmas. This year it is December 3rd but we are having a planning meeting next Thursday. I have a sister who is a bit of a planner (said with a straight face) and likes to have things organized. Last year she had to buy 26 pounds of butter for all our treats. We are cutting back this year. Only 5 of us and we think that we will just make a few cookies, squares and appetizers. None of us need all that crap stuff in our bodies anymore.
  • Shout out to Grace. I've missed you posting up to 5 times a day. I know, you are busy, busy, busy. No pressure. Just leave me a comment (LOL). And CindyLew, where art thou. Amy? Kagead? And... (please add your name here if you are missing in blogland). Know we miss you. Joey, thanks for the vlog. I was feeling lost.
  • My work blocked Blogger but I can still read your posts through Google Reader. But I can't see the pictures so I've had to wait until I'm home to see all the cutie kids in Hallowe'en costumes. And Gen has been showing off her tush. I haven't been able to comment much but I'm trying. A bunch of newbies have made themselves known and I've been enjoying reliving the novelty of the band again.
  • We're going out for dinner at a friends house Friday night. They have a big honkin' projection TV (one of those 10x 6) screens, so hope we see a good movie. We too are installing the big screen, hopefully before Christmas. I love movies. The louder the better. My favourite was the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. I've seen them all about 25 times each. Can't wait to rewatch them again on the big screen at home in a comfy chair.
  • November 11th is Remembrance Day here in Canada. I get the day off because I work for the government. Take a minute and wear a poppy to show we will NEVER forget.
  • One last thing. Gilly had knee surgery today, so go show her some love and get well wishes.
  • One last last thing. I went to the gym for the second time last night. Go me!
That's it. Have a great weekend. And be very thankful that snow isn't in the forecast.


Darlin1 said...

Stay warm girlfriend!

I think Peter Frampton looks great! Bald or not--he looks very happy and healthy!

Band-Babe said...

26 pounds of butter??? That's gross even for me, and I'm one of the people that ate an entire piece of the butter at 437 Rush at our dinner in Chiscago, and thought it was the butteriest cheese I'd ever eaten. Anywho.

I know what you mean about being FREEZING. The flip side of it is that now I can MOVE to warm up (obviously when I'm outside, not in bed... oh wait...) ;)

Bonnie said...

The best thing about the holidays are the gatherings. It's great to have traditions that revolve around family fun. Thanks for heads up about Gilly.

Carmen said...

lovely post! i too am FREEEZING!!!

Read said...

Snow? It looked like snow here (in Maryland, USA) today and I was none too happy. More power to you guys up north! Thanks so much for your comments on my blog, they always make me smile!! Yay for the gym again. I too got my a$$ back on the treadmill today.

Christina said...

I like the sound of Baking Day--I think I'll have to store that one for Christmases to come (minus the 26lbs of butter, of course ;) )

Thanks for letting me know about the blog not showing up under my follower button--got it fixed now :)

~Lisa~ (Mrs C) said...

Oh my heavens!! Peter Frampton!! Wow! What a blast from the past! I dance my first slow dance (with a BOY!) to that song.. Thank you for that!

And good on you for going to the gym again! Go YOU!!

Enjoy your time with your family - it's not about the cookies baking, but the memories that rise from the occasion!

Tina said...

oh I loved Peter Frampton.You just prompted me to go listen to the songs off that old live album (I had it :))...

your movie night sounds like fun :)

I get cold too! I have a friend who lost weight several years ago and she says it gets a bit better with time.


Ms. M said...

I caught just the very end of Oprah today... enough to hear him sing. He sounded great & bald suits him well. :)

Bianca J said...

Snow already! yikes! We haven't had any in Toronto yet. Have a great weekend and I'll be wearing my poppy.

Nella said...

Have a BLESSED one baby!

Gilly said...

Awwww! Love you!! Are you coming here for a fill soon???

Lyla said...

Hi Sandy Lee-- I'm one of the newbies and I appreciate you stopping by. I think I fixed the "follow" link, if you're still interested (if not, no worries!).

Cindylew said...

Here I am Tootsie Roll...I know...I suck.
Haven't had anything to I've just been reading and trying to comment.
I love and miss you doll. I mean it.

Joey said...

Baby, I love YOUR way! xoxo

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