Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Poutine is NOT a National Dish

This is just sick. Really sick.

Wendy's Canada seems to think we should make this Heart Attack on a Plate the national dish of Canada. Don't know what Poutine is? Here's the recipe:

  • Start with a huge plate of French Fries
  • Top with a bunch of Cheese Curd
  • Drench the entire pile with Gravy.

Our way of making every Canadian fat(ter). Our kids too.

I'm just a bit ticked off that they think this is a cute marketing plan. Please don't "like" their page.


Darlin1 said...


Lonicera said...

And 'orrible, not to mention the fact that the word is uncomfortably close to the word for prostitute in French, for goodness sake! It would make Canada the laughing stock from all points of view. I think you need to start an anti campaign!

A.J. said...

Oh, how I love poutine. Of course here in The Lower 48 we don't have poutine around every corner. We do have a Canadian restaurant in Memphis with delicious poutine.

Beth Ann said...

Gravy? That's...interesting. :)

Lonicera said...

Sandy - just to say I've removed word verification on my blog. You're right, it's dead irritating. Your comments were really helpful - worth the struggle!!

Barbara said...

OMG.. I just went to a place that had this on the menu.. I had to ask them what it was, and of course the cook is Canadien!!... I have tried the fries with gravy though.. after a few.. it gets old..

Unknown said...

I think it's rediculous that Wendy's is doing this. It's unhealthy and does not reflect what Canadians usually eat. We definitely should start an anti poutine campaign. Look at the beautiful healthy seafood that we have available on both coasts. We have farmers producing healthy produce. Poutine is a joke!

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