Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Red Licorice

At my new workplace they have a really nice lunch room with a vending machine full of chips, chocolate bars and these small packs of red licorice. It's a little downfall of mine.
If you look really close, it says "As Always, A Low Fat Candy" 

Yesterday and today have been stellar eating days. I had reached epic sugar loads for the last couple of weeks and decided to smash that sugar monster from my body. But the brain doesn't listen very well. It keeps telling me to eat some sugar. 

On both days I've convinced myself NOT to buy the red licorice. I was almost successful until my meeting ended early this afternoon. So my mind wandered. I deserved the red licorice. I needed the red licorice. Go buy the red licorice. 

So I unlocked the drawer to get my purse, pulled out my wallet went to the vending machine. Half way across the lunch room, I saw the space where red licorice is supposed to be—EMPTY. 

Oh the injustice! 

Off course I had to walk right up to the machine to check if they moved it to another slot. Nope. All gone. A little sticky in the empty space said 'reglisse'. I work in a French office but I just knew that word meant licorice (it does). ***Le sigh*** 

OK, one of you was sending out vibes to make the red licorice disappear. It worked. I didn't need them but my brain is not so happy. 

I'm trying to do my best in the eating department before my gallbladder surgery on January 24th. I figure I should try to shrink my liver a bit since he'll be probing underneath it. I already have a fill booked for February 7th. I'm waiting two weeks post-op (thanks Darlin'!) although the real reason is having to attend a 3-day S*A*PTEC training course a week after surgery.

I need this fill. I have 3 work days left before I'm off for four weeks. Keep sending those vibes to make the red licorice disappear from that vending machine.


Read said...

Be gone licorice!!! Be gone!!!

Hang in there, you're doing great!

Darlin1 said...

First off...I think I have told you this have such a way with words! I love the SUPER STARS of the BAND!

Now to your gallbladder surgery....When they took mine out they took and gave me many pictures. One being a picture of my BEAUTIFUL liver. I knew it was OK to keep drinking because of that picture and my continuing blood panels ;-)

Make sure to ask for pictures!


Jacquie said...

You really didnt want that bad licorice anyway!

Thank you for todays blog! You are great!

Barbara said...

Oh sweetie, I would have probably searched the halls for a vending machine that had that damn licorice.. I love it TOO.. I will be thinking about you as you get ready for the surgery.. YOU WILL DO FINE.. hugs

Lap Band Gal said...

Red vines are yummy! I used to eat an entire large box at the movies. Whew! No way that I could do that now.

Tina said...

Twizzlers? that brand isn't worth your suger :)...RED Vines are by far superior :)

I am sorry you didn't get to give in..but glad the stupid machine saved you from yourself.


MandaPanda said...

Fate intervened to keep you on track. Good luck with the liver shrinking! :)

Sam said...

Be gone red licorice :o) and stay gone, Sandy does not need you!!!

Marie said...

Good luck with your surgery! Will be sending positive vibes!

Dinnerland said...

Thx for the advice on my blog regarding Gravol -- I haven't tried it... but I think I am better enough not to need it. In the US, we call it 'dramamine' by the way, and I ought to stock some just for purposes of nausea if it ever comes back.
Good luck on the surgery. I will be thinking about you and wishing you good luck and good health!!!

Ronnie said...

Darn that evil/delicious red licorice!

Good luck with your gallbladder surgery on Tuesday. :)

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