Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I'm a Statistic

The results are in. I have gall*stones and because I still have a bit of an ache on the upper right side, I'm being referred to a surgeon for elective surgery. I am hoping and praying it can be done soon, so I'm well on the mend for BOOBS at the end of September.

But I'm doing well. The pain started to really go away on the weekend. I was able to go into work on Tuesday (Monday was a holiday) and so far so good. I'm back at the place I worked last year and everyone seems so happy to see me back. Still haven't really figured out what I will be doing but I know it involves lots of policy, process and procedure writing. How fun. Gradually some of the stress from the last few months has been oozing out of my body and my brain is very happy about that.

It's now a fact. I am a statistic. Gallbladder problems happen a lot after weight loss but here are a few more statistics (not to scare you!). The medical term is C.h.o.l.e.c.y.s.t.i.t.i.s and having the gall bladder out is a c.h.o.l.e.c.y.s.t.e.c.t.o.m.y. (just trying to avoid the google searches). Click here to read the full article.

Rapid weight loss or cycling (dieting and then putting weight back on) further increases cholesterol production in the liver, with resulting supersaturation and risk for gallstones. A 2000 study suggested the following rates for gallstones related to extreme and rapid weight loss:
  • The risk for gallstones is as high as 12% after 8 -16 weeks of restricted-calorie diets.
  • The risk is more than 30% within 12 -18 months after gastric bypass surgery.
About one-third of gallstone cases in these situations are symptomatic. The risk for gallstones is highest in the following dieters:
  • Those who lose more than 24% of their body weight.
  • Those who lose more than 1.5 kg (3.3. lb.) a week.
  • Those on very low-fat, low-calorie diets.
Weight cycling also puts people at risk for gallstones. For example, a 16-year study found that the risk for gallstone surgery was 68% higher for women who lost and then regained more than 20 pounds at least once, as compared with women whose weight remained stable.

As you know I haven't lost a whole lot of weight, nor was I a fast loser. But I did go on a pretty low-calorie diet. And I am now 18 months after surgery. And my weight has cycled up and down for most of the last 40 years.

I'm now a statistic. But I hope none of you ever become one.

I am so excited. I get my new bed on Saturday. Peacefull, comfy sleep. Can't wait.


Amanda Kiska said...

That stinks! Thank you for the information. I hope they get you patched up quickly!

Dinnerland said...

I'm sorry!!! I hope the doc's appointment goes well.. and can I hope you can avoid surgery?
I just want you to feel better soon. Hugs.

♫ Drazil ♪ said...

OH my little iMom...I want to come make you soup and hug you until all your blues go away. I hate that you are down and worried and sick. I love you..

Cindylew said...

I'm a statistic too having had my gall bladder out in December after ending up in the emergency room.
Have it out because even if the attack subsides, it'll come back...if not tomorrow, then next week or next month. Good news...recovery was less than a week and not nearly as bad as the lap band surgery.
Love you and miss you.
Contact me of you've got any questions.

Miss Vickie "The Queen Bee" said...

Gosh, that is a bummer. I have been secretly worried about this since I had surgery. I hope you heal quickly and I am looking forward to seeing you in Chicago!

~Lisa~ said...

I had mine out years ago and and so glad that I did! It was done laproscopically and the healing was far quicker for me than lap band surgery. I had lost a lot of weight and BAM, I had an attack. ER Doc said I could have it out that afternoon or have another attack, probably while on vacation after eating seafood (vacation was four weeks away). Guess what I did.. It came out and I was home the next day.

(((hugggssss))) to you.. feel better SOON!

Lonicera said...

That was very interesting. I'm going up and down, so I'd better be careful. It does sound as though the op is not too bad and you recover quickly. Keep us posted.

Lyla said...

I became that statistic in 1997 :)

The surgery should be easy-- easier than your band. Be prepared to have bathroom issues for a little while as your body gets used to digestion without the gallbladder, but really, it will be no big deal.

Justine said...

My mum had her gallbaldder (and stones) removed in October last year, just after her 70th birthday. She was sore for a few days, but was soon on the mend.
I hope all goes well for you and I look forward to meeting you in Chicago!

Amanda said...

My best friend just had her gall bladder removed on tuesday!! She is doing pretty well! Other then having a 10 month old who is also sick as a puppy!

Stephanie said...

So sorry to hear about the gallstones. My mom had those and they were wicked painful for her. At least you will have a nice comfy bed to rest on. If you do wind up having to have surgery, hope it goes well and know we are all thinking of you!

Catherine55 said...

Sorry to hear that, Sandy! Wow -- those stats aren't so favorable for us bandsters. I just calculated and realized that I lost 36% of my body weight. Wow.

Jacquie said...

Feel better Sandy and get it out! I have also heard the recovery from this surgery is fairly quick!

Darlin1 said...

I had my gallbladder out 5 years before I got the LB. I've been a dieter all my life. What a relief it was to get it out! You never know when that little gallstone will decide to get stuck in that duct! I was an outpatient on Monday and back to work on Friday. At this point there is NO difference with or without a gallbladder.


Ronnie said...

I hope you get it out quickly and get to feeling better even faster! Will be praying for you. :)

Debi said...

Oh Sandy...I am sorry to hear that you are having problems!! But I hope the Surgery goes smoothly and your recovery is quick!!

I was lucky, a few months ago, we thought that I had Gallstones...but luckily, I didn't!! But as you said, the statistics aren't in our favor!

Just know that you will feel better once it is out!

Congrats on the new Bed! We are looking into a new Sleep Number Bed as we can get one in a King Size that fits an RV! Our Tempurpedic is too long....since the King/Queen beds in the RV's are 4 inches shorter than normal....

Dinnerland said...

How is the new bed?
Tx so much for the wonderful and supportive comments on my blog. It is great to have someone who understands what is going on without me having to explain too much-- as you know, that just doesn't feel 'safe' to do in a public internet forum.
I'm so glad you're in a better place than you were this past year-- and I really hope that I will follow in your footsteps very soon.
We WILL both figure out how to get off the plateau and move ahead... and I do have the perspective of 'at least I'm not as fearful about weight and inability to control as I once was...' that is really worth A LOT.

Mary said...

Me to hubby: Look at this. this is the cutest blog i've ever seen.
(after hubby looks it over)Hubby: It's never over.
Me: God, I hope so. I'm sick of the roller coaster... anyway I like it.
Hubby: yea it is cute.
Hehehehe LOVE IT!!! I'm getting my sleeve in the next few months. Hope you feel better soon.

Joey said...

Rats. Seriously, that sucks. The silver lining is that you will feel better later. I'm so sorry mom!

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