Monday, September 6, 2010


I have always been fascinated by numbers. Since I was little, I have loved math and calculating and all things with numbers. Today, Alycejo from My Rescue is Possible posted about seeing numbers on her scale (which she wasn't happy about). She posted the following note which I love:
All this got me thinking about how numbers define my life, such as:
  • Birthdate: March 15, 1954 (The Ides of March and a Pisces)
  • Age: 56
  • House Number: 56 (coincidence, I think not)
  • Estimate of years left before I die (at 85): 29 !!! (I’ve added a year to my life by losing weight. Use this calculator to estimate your life expectancy)
  • % life already lived: 66
  • Birthweight: 6 pounds 8 ounces
  • Weight at 11 yrs: 127 lbs (put on amphetamines to lose weight)
  • Weight at wedding (27 yrs old): 127 lbs
  • Highest all-time weight: 215 lbs
  • Weight pre-band: 209 lbs
  • Goal weight: 154 lbs
  • Number of pounds to lose: 55 lbs
  • Pounds lost: 38 lbs
  • % excess weight lost with band: 38/55 x 100 = 69% (Common % weight lost with the band: 50%-70% of excess weight)
  • Ticker Weight: 171 lbs (ok, my weight today is 173—it was the caramel popcorn last night!)
  • Years married: 29 on 10/10/10 (cool date!)
  • Children: 2 (27 yr old daughter and 25 yr old son)
  • Number which I see all the time on the clock: 11:11 (the month and day my mom was born)
  • The most useless number I know: Derivative of a Function (I had to teach this—just for you Tina)
Which goes to show, I have too many numbers floating around. There were more, but this post would have gone on for pages. This now brings me back to Alyce’s comment about numbers ruling our lives and how we should look at what is really important like:
  • The love of family and friends (all of you in blogland included)
  • Having a smile back on my face
  • Being happy and feeling good about myself!
  • And many, many more intangibles
Because these are all priceless!

And to pay-it-forward, come meet a new bandster Bella Noche-The Beautiful Void and give her some love.


Michelle said...

I love that little scale quote. Awesome stuff. I hate numbers that is why I became a social worker. I am good with research and essays, not so good with math.. SO yeah I hate numbers. LOL

Tina said...

thanks for the shout out..but I think the derivative of a function is very useful and just plain old coolarific!!! :) Love the post :)...I think Ill add on over at my page...


Lonicera said...

I'm gonna live one 100th of a year more than you Sandy - 85.01, sorry, but there it is. (Unless I can think of a way of earning over $40K a year).

I'll think of you during those three and a half extra days.

Good post!

Lonicera said...

Oh hang on, its CANADIAN dollars, isn't it. Phew - that must be worth at least another few days.

Bonnie said...

The estimated life calendar was interesting. Hopefully I can up my age expectancy by losing weight. I like the scale disclaimer.

The Banded Lady said...

Love the scale pic!

Fiona said...

Hi Sandy, I am terrified of numbers I think because I was always told as a child that I was useless at math but I really enjoyed your post and 11:11 me too! How spooky?

Sam said...

It is scary how many numbers rule our lives. :P

Love the scale note, I think we should all have that one on our scales:)

Jennifer said...

Love it Sandy - great post!!!

Barbara said...

Hey Chicka.. I just gave you an award.. visit me and you will see what you need to do...

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