Friday, March 12, 2010

Protein Drink = Laxative

I decided to post what I ate today. Since having my first fill on Tuesday afternoon I have had some trouble with solids so decided that fluids would be best. You can stop right now as it might be a bit ewwww.
    ~8:00 am: 2 mugs black coffee (I like it strong)
    ~10:00 am: 1 protein shake (those hideous pre-op drinks)
    ~11:00 am: 5 tiny, miniature crackers with peanut butter
    ~12:00 pm: everything flushed down the toilet

So I guess I get to start again don’t you think since I really haven’t had anything today. I don’t know what they put in my protein shakes because almost everytime I drink them, I am immediately headed for the can. I think I should just forgo drinking them and just pour them down the toilet. Sorry Drazil —I wasn’t able to do the butt-clench at work but also didn’t have time to bring any reading material (or laptop) with me either. Oh and if anyone needs a good cleanout, I’d be happy to share my protein drink. OK guys, TMI. It’s over.

There you have it. Moving to mushies for a day or two to sort this restriction out. And maybe a glass or three of wine when I get home tonight.


amandakiska said...


Carmen said...

i'm in the same boat as you sandy! atkins shake 830 am, "lost" it! NOT

Jess said...

Having had the opposite problem several times since surgery, I'm almost jealous. (Almost.)

Enjoy your warm weather. I was glad I grabbed my sweater this morning when it was 42(f) when I left for work. Brrrrrr.

Jennifer said...

Well, at least it's a cleanse! lol
I can't drink those things...I get horrible gas.
Atkins products are the worst offenders.

You should make some Chicken Tortilla soup! It's deelish! I posted a super tight band friendly recipe last month on my blog.

Julie said...

i have the same problem. after a slim fast you can be sure that i have to run to the toilets within 2 hours.

Drazil said...

LOL Sandy - to the bathroom without a laptop - the horror!

Jess said...

Yeah I had the same problem with the Atkins shakes and stopped drinking them after a couple of days. I started drinking the Body Fortress brand chocolate and it was pretty good. I drank it the whole last week of my pre op diet.

Band Groupie said...

Well, the liquids post-fill always gave my WL a boost...and you're colon cleanse is even better LOL!! Hope this means you get some great restriction now!! Thanks for all the great comments GF, you always make me smile (or bust a gut laughing-gallstone babies!). I just can't wait for you to get to your Sweet Spot!!

Justine said...

Hope things are better in the colon department real soon!
Congrats on the 20lb loss - that's brilliant, and well worth a few trips to the toilet, I'm sure!

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