Friday, March 2, 2012

It's Cold

Actually, I AM COLD.

A funny thing happened when I lost weight. I got cold. Really cold.

I don't know the reason per se. I was always the one in the house turning down the heat. Visitors (and family) claimed my house was cold. I told them to put on a sweater. I would hand out blankets as they shivered on the couch. I was ALWAYS hot.

I'm now the one who keeps turning up the heat and hubby is complaining and telling me to "put on a sweater".

And maybe menopause has something to do with it. Once you lose all the hormones, you get cold. You have to go through a bunch of hot flashes and stuff, but in the end you get cold.

What I would give for a few hot flashes again. Many times at night now I have to roll over to cuddle beside my hubby to warm me up. He is like a furnace. Most days I sit at work, freezing. I constantly have a cashmere scarf wrapped around my neck and sometimes have to add a sweater. My hands get cold now. My feet get cold too—I almost always wear slippers around the house.

I don't find it cold being outside. But I have the car blasting hot air and am wrapped up in said cashmere scarf, coat and UGGS, the warmest boots ever. Granted the thermometer these days is sitting around 0C (32F) and it has been constantly snowing these last few days. March came in like a lion so I hope it goes out like a lamb. And warms up. I'm going to the Dominican Republic for a week on April 4th for my niece's wedding and worried that it would be too hot. But now I don't think I'll have a problem with the heat like I did 3 years ago when I was in Cuba. In July. I almost melted. That was pre-weight loss.

But something has changed.

One possibility is that I have new clothes. Things that are lighter and less material. I used to notice people around me in these sheer tops and tanks. That's me now, except I have to add a sweater most days.

Before I lost the fat, I would wrap myself in big bulky sweatshirts to hide. But they sure were warm—part of the reason I kept my house so cool. I still have a few but now have to wear a T-shirt under them as another layer of warmth.

A few months ago, the doc at my weightloss clinic said that with chronic imflammation (from the gallbladder), the body produces a lot of stress hormones, lots of cortisol. Now that I don't have the gallbladder anymore, my body is readjusting its hormones and chemistry. So maybe my body is just adjusting to normal. And normal means my body doesn't like the cold.

But could someone please send me some warm sunshine!

Or maybe I'll just go to the doctor and loudly discuss how cold I am. I'll invite Drazil along because you know what she thinks of "old" people complaining. But I'll loudly say to anyone who'll listen: "I'm freezing my @$$ off!"


~Sandi @ This one time at 'band' camp... said...

Ok seriously??! Ever since I have lost weight I am freezing too and the Doc has no solution or why it's happening...I was always hot too and lived with complaints from friends about how cold my house WAS, I still never turned up the heat as I would then die!!! As I am typing this my hands are like ice cubes and I just turned the heat up again for the third time today! It is 7 degrees outside! Argh! Come on sunshine and summer!

JRD said...

This happened to me the last time I lost 90 lbs...I'm halfway to that point now, and I will, I'm sure, experience it again. I think when we lose that layer of fat, things just aren't as insulated as they were. At least, that's my hypothesis...I'm curious to see if it happens again when I get to goal! It'll make my hubby happy, because I'm CONSTANTLY turning the heat down, and he's a slender one, so he wants it hot all the time! Maybe we'll finally be on the same page!

♫ Drazil ♪ said...

You are no way as OLD as those cranky pots were. Even if you did complain it'd be cute cuz you have that sweet accent of yours. Love you!

Darlin1 said...

Sooooooo Come to my house....It's going to be 75 tomorrow ;-)

Read said...

I'm constantly cold now and I fear what will happen as I lose more weight. brrrrr. I hope it warms up where you are very soon!!

Anonymous said...

I also find myself shivering and putting on a jacket. I am considering it a badge of honor since I am claiming it is coming from losing weight.

Jody V said...

Since my surgery I'm always cold too Sandy. BUT...I am definitely sending you a few of my hot flashes!! I sure can do without a couple! LOL!!


MandaPanda said...

I think it just comes with the territory of losing the body fat. You can come visit me...supposed to get up to 85 today. :)

Tracy said...

I'm always cold too. Big huge goosebumps all the time. I can swear that it's under 60 degrees in the house only to have my hubby say it's almost 70. I have learned to just always have a sweater with me.

Barbara said...

How can you be cold.. you are one hot mamma!!

Dinnerland said...

Ha ha-- I am always cold!!!
Only when I was at my heaviest did I sweat a bit more often (ugh.)
ANyway: I LOVE TO BLAST the heat in my car. That sentence about the uggs and heat blasting warmed the cockles of my heart.

Dinnerland said...

New post, please!!
Let me know how the mushroom soup turned out and your recipe-- perhaps that will be your next post?
PS: I think I am getting into acceptance mode about the whole lap band thing (ironically enough.)
The surgeons can say it 'ought to be easy' to eat foods with a lot of chewing-- but I say make it easy to get your key foods in: fruits, veggies, and even proteins (with yogurt/ smoothies) by making them into soups and other consistencies that work. There is definitely a wonderful way to enjoy many, many foods in this method without deprivation or ridiculous measures!

Unknown said...

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