Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saturday Musings

I've been home from Mexico for 3 days now and it feels so far away. Bathing suits and sandals now replaced with coats and boots. Spring must come soon. We had a few days of warmer weather—above freezing—but today we're back to freezing cold and the wind is howling. What a difference a week makes.

We really enjoyed our trip. Lots of reading and relaxing. I have a question for blogland. Does anyone think that flying makes your band tight? Before I left, I could eat fairly well without a stuck episode for months. In Mexico, I was stuck and vomited a couple of times. Since I've been home, it still happens. I wonder if the fluid in the band changes with the pressure or moves around within the band. I have heard that some people have tiny air pockets in their band and these too might move around. I also have very little in my band compared to most of you. I think about 4.5 cc's in my 10 cc band. They put in 3 cc at surgery so it's been a slow march of fills/unfills for the past year. I am tight again this morning. I will admit that over the last few months I have been eating more soft foods. Stuff with either a sauce/gravy/dressing.

Here are some of the things that I have been making and freezing in individual lunch portions (~1 cup portions in my nifty containers):
  • Chicken pot pie with a cheesy biscuit topping (that I have no trouble eating)
  • Beef Bourgignon with garlic mashed potatoes (made in my cast iron dutch oven)
  • Fish pie—Basa fish in a white sauce again with mashed potatoes
  • Chili made with lots of beans and veges
  • Meatloaf or meatballs
My weight has been stagnant at ~170 pounds. I am not worried as it is winter and for the past 20 years, my highest weight has always been in February. So it is really a good thing since this is the first winter in ages that I have not gained anything. I will get back to a better routine when Spring finally shows up.

I survived without anti-depressants this winter, although I was on them for about a month in November. I discovered it was mostly work-related and figured out that I shouldn't have to take drugs to deal with the work sh!t. My one employee who was giving me the most grief walked out one day two weeks ago and never came back. She is now working elsewhere in the government and the strain has decreased amongst the rest of us. We were left high and dry and it was up to me to organize things before my vacation but we are now steadying the ship so to say. This woman was a narcissist, someone who only thought about herself. She would want the heat turned down, then up, then have them fix the air circulation but refuse a fan. Insist that no one wear any scents (including scented deordorant) and make a constant fuss if she whiffed hand sanitizer. She was accomodated but made no accomodations for the cramped open concept space where we are located nor for others who were trying their best not to disturb her. She used to blow her nose and sound like a fog horn and guffaw like an ass. She made critical mistakes (she was a programmer writing code) but thought herself an expert and perfect. My boss and those around me told me to ignore her but that is easier said than done when I was her supervisor. Many bottles of wine were drunk for this sorry excuse for a human. Good riddance.

That's off my chest. Whew! Now to move on. Below is a picture of me in Mexico wearing a long sundress that I have had for many many years. It is huge but I didn't have a lot of choice with summery things. I went back into my older photos and found one of me wearing the same blouse in 2007. And another at a wedding in Cuba in 2009.  
Mexico, February 2011 (170 pounds)

Cuba, July 2009 (~215 pounds)
It was sooooo hot!
(This is the photo that got me investigating WLS)

Sarnia, September 2007 (~200 pounds)
(same blouse as the one in the Mexico photo)
The bald guy is my DH.

I can see a big difference, even though I still think I am fat. But 40 pounds is 40 pounds. The brain hasn't quite caught up with what I see in the mirror. I've said it before and I'll say it again. The only way I see a difference is when I see me in photos. To those who are still avoiding the camera, pull it out and take lots as you lose weight. It will be a history of where you came from on this journey. 

I have a noticed some of you have created a separate photo page. That's my next task. I think it will really hit home when I can see all the photos I have posted all in one place.


Drazil said...

Your hubby is bald too! HOw fun is that? You look fantastic. I missed you!

Marie said...

What a difference! That blouse hangs on you now!

So glad you had a great time. You look very tanned!

Barbara said...

You are a hot sexy mamacita (just like me mama!!).. and yes I have experienced altitude tightening with the band.. my company has got trip after trip lined up for me and I am fearful about this ..And you are oh so right about the dreaded winter weight.. where we all try to crash diet so we dont look like sausages in our spring apparell. but not this year.. you and me will be strutting it .. Spring is around the corner.. the groundhog said so! Hugs Sandy.. cant wait to see you soon

Rachel said...

There is a big difference in the pic...I think not only the smaller body but you seem more radiant and confident. I'm glad you had a great time. My doctor friend told me to always drink a lot on airplane flights because they tend to be dehydrating...I would think that this would impact band tightness.

Andrew said...


the 40 lbs make a big difference on you....

And there is nothing wrong with a nice bald head.....

~Lisa~ said...

I have heard that flying does tighten the band - but not speaking from experience - YET!

You look absolutely beautiful!! So healthy, so refreshed!! I love seeing the before and after photos - your transformation is incredible! Thank you for sharing!

Darlin1 said...

Mexico was good for you!! You do look refreshed and skinnnnnny!

Are you going to BOOBS this year? Are you looking for a roommate?


Darlin1 said...

PS Yes I do think flying gives you more restriction ....along with colds,aches and pains and anything that has to do with swelling ;-<

Victoria said...

wow you look so different and 40lbs is a massive achievement. You are an inspiration to others.

Read said...

you look fantastic, that blouse is totally hanging on you as compared to the older picture. I so hope you're coming to BOOBs this year!

Ms. M said...

Glad you had a good time on your trip. You look amazing! :)

Jacquie said...

Glad you are back...missed you! What a difference in your before and now pics! You look great.

I asked my doc about the flying thing because both of my really bad periods with the band came during traveling. He said "the band does not get tight!" It is your body filling up with fluids, swelling, that puts pressure on the band and causes the tightness. He said when flying, during and after, to drink, drink, drink...water!

Jen from Oregon said...

Welcome back!

I've only traveled once since being banded and I felt it for sure same for long car rides.

Glad the co-worker situation resolved itself, ugh!

Tina said...

I agree with Jacquie. I have flown a lot with my band. There are two things that I think cause restriction to change-

1. the odd sitting position. You are in a very awkward sitting position much like you would be when sitting in a car. I have learned that eating while driving is bad..hence eating while flying (very difficult). I do so with extreme caution and in an aisle seat :)

2. After my flights and landings and general vacationing stuff I think i get a little tighter because of water retention. I now have my lovely water pills and try to rehydrate as much as possible.

..finally I kind of like it that i usually get more restriction because that means a loss on vacation instead of a gain :)

Tina said...

oh and forgot to look faaaaaabulous!


Blossom said...

You're looking amazing! I've read from several people that yes, flying makes you tight, so hopefully if you ride it out a bit you will loosen up.

Stephanie said...

For one thing, Sandy, youlook great. I can tell a difference and honestly when you were in Chicago, I thought you were skinny then!! :) You look great andI'm glad you're not having to deal with the stress at work anymore.

Secondly, I have to say...DAMN you have a fine looking husband. LOL. I totally dig bald guys, so massive props to you. He's a hottie!

Joey said...

Yes! Make that separate page. That way you can see what the rest of us see: great progress! You look GREAT!

Lily's Mommy said...

You look fabulous, Sandy!

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