Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Weight Loss Rollercoaster

How does one get off the weight loss rollercoaster after 45 years of dieting. Since I was 11, most of my life has been spent either dieting, thinking about dieting, refusing to go on another diet or just plain giving up. I am tired of the twists and turns and obsession with the number of calories of each bit of food I put in my mouth. And after all these years, where has it got me. As fat as I have ever been. So at 55, and weighing about 210 pounds, it is time to get off the ride for good. I will try just one more thing-Gastric Banding. My surgery is booked for February 10th near Toronto. Will this time work. I am pumped by all the other bloggers who tell me it has changed their life. What the heck. After at least 40 different tries, why not one more. This might be my turn to win the lottery!

1 comment:

Gilly said...

I feel the same way...most of my life has been about dieting or feeling guilty that i'm not dieting. 2010 will be the end of that for both of us! yay!!!

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